Bulgakov Museum in Moscow

— Aha! So you’re a historian? ‘ asked Berlioz.
—  Yes,   I   am  a   historian, this evening a  historic event is going to take place here at Patriarch’s Ponds!
Mikhail Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”


Trying to explain my first impressions of visiting that unusual place, I faced the fact that What I found There is hard to put into words. That`s why I started writing about it with word: “A cosy…”

When I came into the flat I felt surprising feeling as if five minutes ago a group including Azazello, Margarita and God knew who there was also led by Woland left that flat. It seemed we missed each other. On the one hand, I got a feeling of invasion and it was like I came without invitation while house`s owners were out. And on the other hand I wanted to secretly take a look around the flat as long as they didn`t come back.

I think, everyone, who had ever visited this house,  feels himself involved in Woland`s gang.

“Didn`t you meet Behemoth?” – frequently asked question you can hear from visitors. A great black cat really lives here. Every visitor wants to meet the cat but it happens very rarely. The cat is a character ant it`s name is Behemoth. Though I hadn`t seen him personally, I heard about it from lucky people, who had seen it and even had chance to stroke it.

There are genuine manuscripts and true Bulgakov`s belongings in the museum. There are things from the age of old Moscow, which was described by the author in his novels. Also, there are few old sculptural telephones (at least one was there as I remember) and some another artifacts from old Moscow.

Generally, it appears that smell of the flat is the smell of early soviet epoch. On the one side it looks strict and on the other side it is like something cordial. Perhaps, one can feel something like it if he can come in a very old communal flat from soviet kind movies.

… At about four o’clock on that warm afternoon a large group of men in plain clothes climbed out of three cars that had stopped a little way short of No.302a, Sadovaya Street. Here the large group divided into two smaller ones, one of which entered the courtyard through the main gateway and headed straight for staircase 6, while the other opened a small door, usually locked, leading to the back staircase and both began converging on flat No. 50 by different stairways …


… Now look, everyone — ring up the police and
tell them to send five motorcycles with machine-guns to catch the professor. And say that there are two others with him — a tall fellow with pince-nez and a great black cat …

Some people incorrectly enter another museum that is near Bulgakov`s flat.

!!! Commercial cultural centre !!!

Entrance to Bulgakov Museum is further ahead — in the left corner of courtyard.

Famous staircase

… They then started mounting a staircase, so vast that to Margarita it seemed unending. She was amazed that the hallway of an ordinary Moscow flat could hold such an enormous, invisible but undeniably real and apparently endless staircase …


–?You truly are like a witch.
–?I don’t deny it,’ answered Margarita. ‘ I’m a witch and I’m very glad of it.


… This flat–No. 50– had a strange reputation …


 Museum staff have a sense of humour.



 Editorial office

… Trying not to look at me, she informed me that the editors had enough material for few years ahead and that`s whe the question of printing my novel became, as she put it, “redundant” …

… The man who called himself the master worked with inspiration at his novel and she read and re-read the manuscript, running her sharp fingernails through her hair …

 … Predicting fame, she drove him on and started to call him ‘ the master’ …

… She waited impatiently for the final words about the fifth Procurator of Judaea, reading random sentences that pleased her and thinking that the novel was her life …

… At times she felt that the watch was broken and the hands were not moving. They were moving, but so slowly that they seemed to have stuck …

Mysticism everywhere

… Tonight and All This Week in the Variety Theatre A Special Act PROFESSOR WOLAND Black Magic All Mysteries revealed  …

Blue room

… As it grew near lunchtime a telephone bell rang in the investigator’s office. It was a report from Sadovaya Street that the haunted flat was showing signs of life again. Someone inside had apparently opened the windows, sounds of piano music and singing had been heard coming from it, and a great black cat had been observed sunning itself on a windowsill …

Strange room


… The police informed Nikanor Ivanovich that they would call  later to collect  Berlioz’s manuscripts for sorting and examination and that his accommodation, consisting  of  three rooms would revert to the tenants’ association for disposal. His effects were to be kept under seal until the legatees’ claims were proved by the court …

… After several rubs Margarita looked into the mirror and dropped the box right onto the watch-glass, which shivered into a web of fine cracks …


… Out of curiosity Margarita glanced into the kitchen. Two Primuses were roaring away on a marble ledge, attended by two women standing with spoons in their hands and swearing at each other …

Bulgakov`s room

… The whispered words ‘evil spirits’ could be heard in milk queues and tram  queues,  in  shops,  flats  and  kitchens,   in  commuter  trains  and long-distance expresses, on  stations and halts, in  weekend cottages and on beaches …

  Hours of service

Monday holiday Tuesday 12:00–19:00  Wednesday* 12:00–19:00  Thursday** 14:00—21:00  Friday 12:00–19:00  Saturday 12:00–19:00  Sunday 12:00–19:00

*Every Wednesday — excursions at 18:00, 19:00, 20:00
**On Thursday museum is open until 21:00 according to «Evening in museum»

Adults — 150 rub.,
Concessionary ticket (for students учащихся колледжей; пенсионеров) — 50 rub.,
Free (for full-time students and for children under 7 years of age)
Every third Sunday of month according with the Moscow Culture Department`s programm the museum is open free of charge.

Address Bulgakov Museum: Moscow, st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 10 (archway), 6-th entrance , 4-й floor, flat 50.

Official website:        www.bulgakovmuseum.ru

Bulgakov Museum in Moscow on the map


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